TurtleTree is ushering in a new era of sustainable nutrition that is transforming food and beverage

Trailblazing with one of the most valuable ingredients in milk, TurtleTree has released LF

LF is the world’s first sustainably-produced lactoferrin made using precision fermentation technology

It all began with cheese

In her quest to find top-quality milk for her cheesemaking passion, co-founder Fengru discovered distressing farming conditions and the excessive use of hormones and antibiotics in cows. This led her to believe that there must be a healthier and more sustainable approach to milk production.

The start of TurtleTree

After ideating with entrepreneur Max, the two like-minded partners embarked on a mission to pioneer a sustainable and scalable approach to crafting the world's first milk using state-of-the-art cell-based technology.

Turning science into substance

Our world-renowned science and technology experts are now at the forefront of innovation. They harness precision fermentation and cell-based technology to create high-value ingredients while employing sustainable and scalable production methods.

Lactoferrin is first

With a continued commitment to our long-term vision of creating cell-based milk, TurtleTree has narrowed its focus to producing the first animal-free and sustainable lactoferrin, LF+, one of milk’s most valuable ingredients. Lactoferrin is renowned for its remarkable functional benefits.

This is just the beginning

Our sights go well beyond lactoferrin and cell-based milk. Our mission is to help nourish people and the planet with sustainable products and ingredients that fuel healthy food and beverage options for all.