Sights on 2023: An Early Roadmap for the New Year


Precision Fermentation


Aaaand just like that, 2022’s all wrapped up. With holiday shopping and festive feasting in the rear view mirror, we’d like to wish everyone a brilliant start to the new year. Amid the fun and frivolities of the holidays, it might have been easy to forget just how much we achieved in the year just passed. None of that would have been possible without your support, so here’s a big thank you and lots of love to start January off right.

That said, more triumphs and memorable moments await in the months to come, so here’s a quick peek at what we can expect for 2023!

Precision Fermentation and LF+

One of the biggest milestones we achieved in 2022 was the announcement of our first flagship product, LF+. Created using precision fermentation, LF+ will be the world’s first lactoferrin produced without the cow.

As one of the key components in bovine milk, lactoferrin is already gaining increasing prominence thanks to its numerous benefits for gut health and immune function. Based on current estimates, the global lactoferrin market is expected to expand to US$1.85 billion by 2029.

With infant nutrition currently representing roughly 80% of the market demand for lactoferrin, the potential of this unique dairy protein is only just beginning to be tapped. Heading into the future, the application of lactoferrin in adult functional nutrition is poised for growth as precision fermentation opens up access to the benefits of lactoferrin. As we navigate our way through 2023, one of the key priorities will hence be to identify new use cases for both LF+ and precision fermentation.

In November last year, we unveiled a brand-new drink prototype, Zenith, to a global audience at COP27. Created with the help of precision fermentation technology and featuring a functional gut health blend, Zenith was the perfect precursor to the world of possibilities ready to be explored. Moving forward, we’re incredibly excited to build on this success and pursue other product applications that will be ready for market.

New Customer Pipeline

Along with an increased focus on new use cases for LF+, we’ll also be working to secure a consistent stream of customers for our upcoming products.

Over the course of the last year, we were in constant discussions with various food and beverage companies in a bid to create a sturdy pipeline of new customers. Ahead of bringing our various projects to market, the aim will be to curate a network of loyal, engaged customers in both the B2B and B2C spaces who are ready to provide immediate demand and a source of brand advocacy.

In the shorter term, one particularly intriguing market that we will be looking to tap into will be the plant-based market. Given that lactoferrin is conventionally sourced from bovine milk, lactoferrin-based products have not been a viable option for the plant-based sector to date. With the advent of LF+, TurtleTree is now in the unique position of being able to offer plant-based applications for lactoferrin—an invaluable edge that we intend to comprehensively explore.

New Partnerships

Alongside our search for new markets and customers, one of the key goals of 2023 will be to seek out potential partners and collaborators who can help accelerate our research and development efforts.

To date, we’re delighted to have the backing of some of the most renowned institutions worldwide. On the academic front, we currently have close partnerships with MIT, UC Davis, and Tufts University. Besides granting us access to the most cutting-edge research available, these relationships are also enabling us to hire from among the world’s brightest scientific talent.

Academic collaborations aside, we also have an array of product-focused partnerships that are currently under NDA. These partnerships are providing invaluable support across various domains, from packaging to production, and will all serve to accelerate our path to market.

Moving forward, we will continue to reach out, not only to suitable academic and R&D partners, but also media platforms that can increase awareness of our work and help us amass a global following.

Dominique Crenn

On the topic of partnerships, one of the most exciting highlights from last year was the addition of iconic chef Dominique Crenn to the team.

Since becoming the first US-based female chef to be awarded three Michelin stars, Dominique has become extremely prominent on the international stage. In addition to starring in the Netflix hit series Chef’s Table, she has also emerged as one of the world’s foremost advocates for ethical consumption. Practicing what she preaches, Dominique currently runs Atelier Crenn, an award-winning restaurant that pairs a pescatarian menu with ethically sourced wines.

With Dominique officially coming on board as an advisor, we now have an invaluable source of insight into the food industry and the professional kitchen. Leveraging on this expertise, we will look to create various forms of content in tandem with Dominique, both for our media channels as well as our wider brand outreach. To stay up to date with this and the latest TurtleTree-related news, be sure to follow us on our social media pages.

Moving and Shaking Up 2023

Despite it being early days yet, the year ahead is shaping up to be a remarkably eventful one. While we spent much of 2022 sowing the seeds for future plans, this year will likely see a fair number of them ready for harvest. Over the next 12 months, our concerted energy will be devoted to making an impact—not just for the betterment of food but to leave an indelible impression on the world. To each and every one of you who are on this journey with us: we couldn’t ask for better company. Here’s to a cracking 2023.