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Benefits of Lactoferrin

Lactoferrin boosts immunity and regulates an appropriate immune response. Lactoferrin activates immune cells to increase natural immune response and promotes protective immune signals.

Lactoferrin helps regulate iron absorption, distribution, and metabolism throughout the body, ensuring its availability and supporting overall iron balance and health.

Lactoferrin promotes gut health and the microbiome by aiding nutrient absorption and strengthening the intestinal barrier

Benefits of Lactoferrin

Milk’s most valuable protein

Milk is full of valuable proteins that pack a nutritional and functional punch. Yet, there is one protein that rises to the top: lactoferrin. Known by TurtleTree as Pink GoldTM, this one-of-a-kind ingredient provides numerous health benefits.

A limited supply

While lactoferrin is already used in supplements and infant formulas today, one big problem remains: the scarce amounts naturally obtainable from milk cannot satisfy the demand as 1 liter contains only 100 mg of lactoferrin.

Precision fermentation technology

For that reason, we've developed LF+, the world's first sustainably produced lactoferrin. Compared to traditional lactoferrin, LF+ can ultimately be produced more affordably and at a far greater scale, ensuring supply for everybody, everywhere.

The future of nutrition

We envision LF+ playing a central role in shaping a new era of functional nutrition, catering to diverse consumer needs, contributing to the well-being of people worldwide, and reducing our footprint on the planet.

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