A New Blog, A Fresh Voice in the Age of Change



Fixing food—what a task! Two months into the new year, it’s clear that there’s work left to do: Animals are still caged in factory farms, resources are still being used unsustainably, and the world is still hungry for a better way to eat. Nevertheless, 2022 brings with it renewed purpose, novel ideas, and a whole slew of exciting plans. With the launch of our revamped blog, we now have the perfect space to deliver all of these to you.

Over the past year, we’ve been incredibly grateful to see our vision for food take shape faster than we could have ever imagined possible. From our successful Series A round to the launch of our Sacramento and Boston labs, every fresh achievement has paved the way for more mind-blowing milestones to come.

In the weeks and months ahead, this blog will serve up a curation of content expressly designed to help you get as excited about the future as we are. Whether it’s a partnership announcement or our thoughts on sustainable cheese fries, we want you to be a part of the TurtleTree conversation and take a front-row seat as the Turtles take over the world.

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